In 1964 the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors adopted County Ordinance 3.16 which established the Los Angeles County Citizens' Economy and Efficiency Committee. After nine years, the Board re-designated the Committee as a Commission. The County Ordinance under which the Commission derives its authority provides for the appointment of twenty-one Commissioners; four appointments by each of the five Supervisors with the twenty-first appointment being the preceding year's Foreperson of the Los Angeles County Grand Jury. Commissioners are appointed to serve a two-year term, but may serve longer if requested to do so by their appointing Supervisor.

The commissioners, as recognized leaders within the public service, corporate, legal and academic segments of society, bring a uniquely focused perspective to the Commission's review and analysis of local government policy, management and operations. This capability is exemplified throughout the history of the Commission by the background and experience of its members. The backgrounds of the present and past Commission chairs can be reviewed by clicking here.
Capitalizing on their experience in these diverse backgrounds, the commissioners are able to provide local government with a distinctive and valuable advisory resource, while acting as a vital bridge between local government and its citizens.


The Economy and Efficiency Commission has been established to examine any function of County government at the request of the Board of Supervisors, on its own initiative, or as suggested by others. The Commission conducts reviews of all aspects of local government policy, management, and operations. Upon the completion of these reviews, the Commission submits its recommendations to the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors. The objective of these recommendations is to improve the economy, efficiency and effectiveness of local government.


More than at any other time in history, local government is faced with increasing demands for services, while being continually challenged by changes in available resources. As a result of these pressures, it is more critical than ever that the Economy and Efficiency Commission provides local government with purposeful citizen input to assist in: seeking the most effective means of utilizing its resources; improving local government service delivery; recognizing the imperatives of innovation; seeking techniques for improved accountability; and retaining the respect and trust of its citizens.


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